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If your home is getting too small for your and your family, or if you simply want to expand and add more luxury to your life, we can provide that for you without you having to move to a new home. With our complete home addition services we will provide you with that extra space that you need. Many people believe that if their home is too small or simply not providing them with all the things they want, then they must have to move to a bigger home. This is simply not the case. Moving is expensive, stressful, and just not a good time. We can take your current home and add on to provide you with that extra space that you want. This is the ideal way to make your home perfect for you again.

By choosing a home addition, you are not only improving your home to your needs and lifestyle, but you are also adding value and equity to your home if you ever decide to sell in the future, but lets face it, moving is not fun. From packing, organizing, transporting your things, unpacking, and organizing again, it is an extremely stressful process. When choosing a home addition, it allows your stay in your current space while also transforming it into something new.

Another advantage of a home addition is that you get to choose how this new space is designed and what it will be used for. It is a great way to design a space specifically for what you have in mind. A home addition allows you to start from scratch and create a custom space for your home, whether it is a new bedroom, an office, a new living room, game room, or anything else, we will make your dreams a reality. Even if you want to convert an old closet into a new sauna!

Professional Basement Remodeling Services in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas

Trusted Contractor

Trusted Contractor

As a local company, we proudly serve the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and surrounding areas, Pear Construction Services is committed to provide service with integrity and excellent service. We are a Licensed & Insured Contractor in Wisconsin.

Trusted Contractor

Professional Services

Professional means Pear Construction Services. When hiring us for your new construction and remodeling service, you get an experienced and trusted contractor who truly cares about our customers.

Trusted Contractor

Quality Workmanship

Our team provides the highest standards in the consruction industry. Our qaulity workmanship and great products ensure our customers get the best construction and remodeling services in the area.

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