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Designing and building a deck or porch is a surprisingly hefty task. Decks and porches take up a lot of visual space on your landscape and it can greatly increase the curb appeal of your home. Do not risk attaching a poorly constructed deck or porch to your home. This will not only give you regrets every time you step on it, but it can also depreciate the value of your home. When you are planning to build a deck or porch, you are adding something to the largest investment in your life, your home. This is why it is so important to ensure that your deck or porch is done by professionals like us. We understand local building codes and industry practices to give you a deck or porch that you can be proud of and will hold up for many years to come.

We always use the highest quality materials such as stainless steel fasteners that are specifically made for pressure treated wood. This ensures that your deck or porch is sturdy and isn't going anywhere. Some people will use low quality materials and this results in a poor end result that will fall apart after a couple of years, this is why you want to choose us for your next deck or porch.

Choosing the correct type of wood for you deck is very important as well, because you want something that wont attract termites and will hold up to the weather over years and years. Most decks or porches are made of redwood or cedar, this is because they are naturally insect repellant, extremely weather-resistant, and also take stain very well. The only downside to these woods for your deck or porch is that they require very frequent maintenance in order to keep them in the best shape. Nowadays there a lot more options other than redwood and cedar for your deck or porch, even composites and other synthetic materials can be a great option and give you a deck that looks just as good a premium wood. This allows you to find a material that will be perfect for the way you are planning on using your deck or porch.

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Trusted Contractor

Trusted Contractor

As a local company, we proudly serve the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and surrounding areas, Pear Construction Services is committed to provide service with integrity and excellent service. We are a Licensed & Insured Contractor in Wisconsin.

Trusted Contractor

Professional Services

Professional means Pear Construction Services. When hiring us for your new construction and remodeling service, you get an experienced and trusted contractor who truly cares about our customers.

Trusted Contractor

Quality Workmanship

Our team provides the highest standards in the consruction industry. Our qaulity workmanship and great products ensure our customers get the best construction and remodeling services in the area.

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